A short historic reminder – where is the movement coming from, what has it achieved in the previous century? The new context – starting points, topics that are at the basis of this new feminist movement from below and away from institutionalized and bourgeois feminism.

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Workshop ved Marijke Colle, økofeminist og ledende medlem af Fjerde Internationale. Fredag den 19. april kl. 14:00 – 16:00


The aspects of globalisation, a world consciousness (with the new social media!) away from eurocentrism and with a clear postcolonial agenda are also part of the characteristics of the new feminism.


The current challenges and main points/methods of resistance:

–          Fight against patriarchal attitudes, violence/rape/murder

–          Role of women among indigenous people and small farmers (Via Campesina) and the link ecofeminism

–          Women and the struggle against climate change

–          Difficulties in organizing in the industrial rich countries

–          Prospects for urban struggle food (gardens), housing, collective transport, etc.


Workshoppen vil være på engelsk med mulighed for oversættelse.


Læs mere om påskeseminaret, priser, program og tilmelding.


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